Sunday, January 6, 2013

Inside the Snow Dome

     Hello,  first post!   In my daily life,  I'm an artist.  I have always enjoyed clothes.  Especially the layering of patterns.  It's winter here in beautiful Minnesota and closet is jammed with coats.

coat--Nanette Lepore

purse--Isabella Fiore
black boots--Enzo Angiolini
red boos--Anne Kline
scarf--bought at Bloomingdales 15 years ago


  1. You have a great taste with coats!! This is a very elegant yet chic coat. I like your pictures in this post...they look just like a post card.

  2. Thanks for commenting on this coat--it's one of my favorites.

  3. you have so many amazing coats! Love your style! x

  4. Hi Ann! I am still enjoying your blog! You began your blog with this beautiful coat and concluded with the same photo for your last post. I am enjoying browsing through, an inspiring fashion blog! Looking at the snow makes me shiver and it's only three months till Christmas! We are enjoying summer weather in Southern Ontario.

    See you on Instagram! Have a fabulous weekend!

    ♥ carmen 4 the joy of it :-)


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