Saturday, January 26, 2013

Remembering Mom

     One of my first clothing memories was a set of sailor outfits for my brother and me in the mid 1960's.  My Mom alway loved classic design, "nothing to busy" she would say.  This coat reflects her influence.

purse--Ralph Lauren (Christmas gift from my husband a couple of years ago)
boots--Civico 10
hat--designer unknown

     This is a picture of my Mom at probably 14 years old.  Her name was Delpha, unusual to say the least.  She loved animals especially her childhood dog Bud.  Mom grew up during the depression after her Father died of pneumonia, so you know money was hard to come by.  Grandma would drive to model T to the nearest good sized town to buy her "something of quality".

     Since I am talking about family, I decided to share my art called "Family Guitar".  Dean, my husband and my art partner for life, created a wood sculpture called "Family Guitar" and this mixed media pieces elaborates on his sentiment.  His Mother died several years ago and he envisioned his five siblings joining together to make unified music.  I tend to build the world around objects with detail and texture.  The sewing, beading and drawing honors the theme.


  1. Very nice, I love the picture of your mom and that tree and Bud! I just love remembering your mom.

  2. Hello you beautiful woman you! Thank you for introducing yourself- I am looking forward in getting to know you and explore your wonderful looking blog! -Bella Q

  3. Finally a style blog from someone my age!!!! Love the professional looking photos. You are now on my 'favourites' list.

  4. Thanks so much Denise, I like your blog too! I'm 51 and I feel women in my age group have a lot to say and need to be seen. We need to be seen in our full glory! I'm putting you on my list!

  5. These are really beautiful pictures, kind of magical!

  6. Thanks Jenny, these picture were fun to take! Thanks for viewing my blog.


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