Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stripes and Flowers

     Naturally I'm not extroverted, some would say shy.  With my art, when I need to meet a large audience, a special dress is a push of courage.   I think taking the risk to be authentically yourself is an act of boldness.  Happy Valentine's Day!

dress--Christian Lacroix
boots--Folaga (thrifted)
bracelet--Lands End
scarf--designer unknown


  1. Ann, this dress looks fantastic on you!
    The flowers give it a special touch and your scarf matches so well.
    When you present your art it is important that your style reflects your creativity and it surely does!

    Lady of Style

  2. Gorgeous, Ann! Love the dress / scarf pattern mix, and the sweet detail of that little back pocket. I appreciate your thoughts on authenticity, confidence, and excellent clothes.


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