Saturday, June 22, 2013

 Yellows on Gray

     I've been feeling the need as the summer warm temperatures approach to simplify my style. I suppose this is natural. We eat more simply during the summer months so, for me, clothing choices are less labored also.

     This is a type of outfit I find I wear often. I feel comfortable wearing a simple tailored jacket with a slim cut skirt or pants and contrasting bag with moderate heels. I watched many reruns of the "Mary Tyler Moore" show as a young lady and thought Mary was stylish. I think I see her influence today in this these pictures!

bag--calvin klein
skirt--loft (consignment purchase)
blazer--carole little petite
shoes--ellen tracy

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  1. Wow lovely colors and combination!

    XOXO Sandl

  2. I love the safari print with the orange skirt, nice combo!

  3. All the colors you wear... there's never a dull entry! That outfit is between adventurous and serendipitous, a pleasure to look at.
    Happy belated birthday,
    xx juli

  4. I love the colour of the skirt and how you've put the whole outfit against the glass wall and the wrought iron!

  5. You mix colors and prints wonderfully!
    Is a pleasure to see a women that is comfortable in her style and that understands why she dresses in a particular way.

  6. Lovely jacket, and the skirt really adds a punch of color. The weathered wood is a perfect backdrop - you really have a flair for the right textures and moods to suit your outfits!

    I loved Mary Tyler Moore, both as Laura Petrie and Mary Richards!

  7. Great jacket Ann - I love the subtle sheen in the print. You look great as usual!


  8. I love box-pleated skirts, they are more comfy as a pencil skirt but as well elegant. Yours is marvellous. I love the bright color and how you paired it with the jacket.
    I am amazed again about your picturesque backdrops.

  9. Perfect backdrop for a perfect ensemble, dear Anne.
    I love the last pic of your skirt in contrast with the hard wood.

  10. I am always enraptured about the variety on your excellent taste in jackets, blazers and coats.
    This blazer has a beautiful pattern. Tastefully combined. Great colors.

    Your photos are not only technically a fashion eye-catcher.

    greetings from Germany
    Dana :)

  11. Lovely look for you. I have a couple of questions Ann. As an artist and stylish woman, how do you choose colors for yourself. Do you follow certain guidelines as described in many color theory systems?
    Many years ago, I was told that I had "winter" coloring but I know that it is softer than the typical winters I have seen and I can also wear several colors not in the palette. You always wear such flattering colors.
    Also, you seem to have such an extensive wardrobe. Do you shop often or keep clothing for a long time and recycle what you already have.

    1. Thank you Rebecca for commenting. We were exhibiting at an art show at the Milwaukee Art Museum this weekend so I had limited time to respond to my blog.

      I try to look at how the colors I wear change the tone of my skin. For example, I have a hard time wearing white if my hair is light blond. My skin looks red. If my hair is a darker blonde maybe I can get by with a warm cream. When I shop I wear very little makeup (and you know how bad most lighting is in the dressing rooms) so if the colors look good there I'm OK.

      When I think about the backgrounds of my photos, I do usually think of complimentary color combinations. Some examples are blue and rust or green and pink.

      I must admit I do have a extensive wardrobe. I keep the things I buy for a long time. Some of the clothing I have worn in my blog is at least 20 years old. I buy one or two pieces a month a truly love and think of them as long term mixers. I'm looking for great quality, good fit and lasting design. I follow a monthly budget and watch for sales on items by my favorite brands. I primarily shop at Macy's and also do some consignment shopping at great prices. I use the same agenda with these purchases--quality, fit and design.

      For my blog, I find beautiful shoes at my local consignment shops. I buy comfort shoes at retail stores and impractical heels second hand. Most have hardly been worn and this gives me more options when styling my outfits.

  12. Beautiful jacket, Ann, it looks like a mixture between a blouse and a jacket and I'd love to wear that to work. Looks great!
    Interesting question Rebecca asked, I am curious to know as well.

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    Lady of Style

  13. What a lovely ensemble, and I love the Moorish designs in the setting!

  14. Lovely and chic! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  15. Beautiful the jacket! There is just something about the heat which causes us to want to did it well!

  16. You look great! Wonderful outfit.

  17. You may have simplified, but you remain as chic as always. Great backgrounds!

  18. Yes, I'm seeing the MTM reference here. Gorgeous, simple, comfortable, and, as always, set against a fantastic backdrop!

  19. I love the outfit, very beautiful and delicate. I really like the color of the skirt and stamping of the shirt.

  20. Very refreshing colour combo. The shoes and handbag are very elegant!

  21. Beautiful combination yellow and grey! Your artistic touch is always a source of inspiration...

  22. this is so elegant and I love your skirt, the colour is so nice!

  23. My hair is about as short as yours in the back but the front of mine still looks long. I'm doing a fabulous (still in my mind stage)post on my new 'do' this week. IWANTTHATPURSERIGHTNOW!!! Hand it over please!

  24. Beautiful, of course! Love the detail of the front pleat! My computer reads the gray as taupe and the skirt as a deep gold, but I can imagine what it looks like in gray and yellow. Really nice to see the unifying classic shoes and bag ... so supremely polished and so you!

  25. You always wear great patterns, colors and shaped clothes. Very nice look.

  26. Simple and chic! I too, enjoy the simplicity summer brings with it, especially when it comes to meal planning. You look wonderful, as always.

  27. Very polished and love the places you find to take your photographers. Superb!

  28. Love the yellow and grey. And you look amazingly stylish. I do so love your locations. Amazing!

  29. I love a simple outfit in the summer too. You look so polished and sophisticated! Thanks for linking up :)

    The Tiny Heart

  30. So I have flipped through 4 post now and love all your outfits, I have to follow you!


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