Friday, March 1, 2013

Bright Spot in the Park

     You can feel the possibility of spring in the air, longer days and more sunshine.   I adore coats, you might have noticed from my pervious posts.  I'm somewhere between petite and regular size so getting the proper fit can be a problem.  This orange coat fits great (sleeves are not to long and no belt) and I appreciate the detailed construction plus gold accents.

     Some collect jewelry or shoes, but my weakness is a fancy purse.  I'm such a fan of folk art, so this embroidered leather bag is one of my favorites.  This handbag makes an outfit feel particularly special and gold hardware matches my earrings.  What do you collect?

     Well, could have another early March blizzard here in the upper midwest.  Hopefully the snow will melt soon and early spring tulips will grace the landscape.

coat--Jessica Simpson
shoes--Ellen Tracey
blouse--Walter Baker
purse--Isabella Fiore

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  1. Wow! Another combination of elements which sings, the colours in the patterns, solids, and landscape, perfect proportions.

    I can see why this coat is outstanding among well-loved coats. Is the bottom closure a flower-shaped snap? That kind of detail knocks me over!

  2. Thanks so much Amber. I am enjoying editing the pictures and creating a fashion story with them. The visual decision making is the same as making art although I wish my writing skills were better. I going to start an art blog soon.

    The closures on the coat are gold twist snaps, kind of like a purse closure. I'm a nut for detail in construction!

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. I completely love your outfit. Wonderful coat and the blue skirt is perfect for it.

  4. Thanks, just purchased the blue skirt. I think it will be worn often.

    I like your blog and style!

  5. This is a gorgeous coat in a great colour. The pleated back is really cute.
    I can see it fits you perfectly!

    Lady of Style

  6. Thanks for commenting. Orange is such a happy color especially as winter continues into March!

  7. That coat is lovely on you! J'adore the color!

  8. Gorgeous coat, in color and construction. And the bag as well - it has personality! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  9. Lovely artistry in your photos. I love the coat and the skirt. Very chic.

    I enjoyed your earlier posts as well, thanks.

    Sue xo

  10. Thanks Sue for looking at my blog. I appreciate the comments!

  11. What a gorgeous coat! Love that hue of orange and the vintage feel, so pretty :)
    Visiting from My Style Monday!

  12. I have been seeing orange and wonderful shades of blue all around lately ... must get me some of this, and soon. Lovely color and sleek tailoring ... then the beautiful bag. Charming. Glad to meet you!

  13. Thanks for the comment. Orange and blue helps with the never ending winter in Minnesota. We just got another 9 inches of snow today!

  14. You look wonderful in that snow, and I I want, want your bag.
    Following and hoping we become great blogger friends.

  15. Thanks for commenting and joining my site. Love your cute blond hair haircut!

  16. Beautiful coat and bag. Love it!!Would you like follow each other? Let me know. Kisses

  17. Such a lady like outfit! I love the coat and the overall color scheme.


  18. Orange is an energizing color especially during the gray winter. Thanks for looking at my blog!

  19. Love the colour combo: rust and grey! Fantastic!


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