Saturday, January 26, 2013

Remembering Mom

     One of my first clothing memories was a set of sailor outfits for my brother and me in the mid 1960's.  My Mom alway loved classic design, "nothing to busy" she would say.  This coat reflects her influence.

purse--Ralph Lauren (Christmas gift from my husband a couple of years ago)
boots--Civico 10
hat--designer unknown

     This is a picture of my Mom at probably 14 years old.  Her name was Delpha, unusual to say the least.  She loved animals especially her childhood dog Bud.  Mom grew up during the depression after her Father died of pneumonia, so you know money was hard to come by.  Grandma would drive to model T to the nearest good sized town to buy her "something of quality".

     Since I am talking about family, I decided to share my art called "Family Guitar".  Dean, my husband and my art partner for life, created a wood sculpture called "Family Guitar" and this mixed media pieces elaborates on his sentiment.  His Mother died several years ago and he envisioned his five siblings joining together to make unified music.  I tend to build the world around objects with detail and texture.  The sewing, beading and drawing honors the theme.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ladylike Plaid

     There's "something" about plaid that just speaks to me.  I'm part Scottish, so maybe it is historical.  It's just so vibrant and lively to the eyes.  This coat is at least 20 years old.  Is it vintage if the clothes are in one's own closet?  I save many of my favorite things and this blog isn't about following trends or buying new things.  I want to document the style I've been gathering throughout the years.  

scarf--unknown (from the Bibelot in St. Paul)

     I have decided to match each post to one of my paintings.  I am the model for many of these works and I think a connection may develop between the fashion and art.  It has always been there, now I decided to thread the needle!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Graphite Plum

     I seem to be attracted to purple this winter.  It was 5 degrees this day while visiting my Father in Wisconsin.   Older purse, but added new boots to match from the after Christmas sales.

purse--Via Spiga
pants--Anne Klein

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Into the Woods

     Bold, warm and red on a snowy day.  I have a couple of purple handbags.  I have found purple to be more versatile than I thought.  A nice change from black or brown.

knit coat--Sabri Ozel, 

purse--Via Spiga
boots--Nine West
scarf--designer unknown,  purchased at Gallery 360 Minneapolis, MN

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Inside the Snow Dome

     Hello,  first post!   In my daily life,  I'm an artist.  I have always enjoyed clothes.  Especially the layering of patterns.  It's winter here in beautiful Minnesota and closet is jammed with coats.

coat--Nanette Lepore

purse--Isabella Fiore
black boots--Enzo Angiolini
red boos--Anne Kline
scarf--bought at Bloomingdales 15 years ago