Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stepping into the Sunshine


     I purchased this trench coat last year because of the color and fit.  I find I wear it often--it just feels good, like sunshine.

blouse--emanuel ungaro
skirt--elie tahari
purse--b makowsky
shoes--franco sarto (thrifted)

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tapestry and Leather

     Minnesota is a meteorologist's dream.  During the dark winter months (when sunset is at 4 in the afternoon) the temperatures can slide down to -20 degrees below zero.  The peak heat of the summer can reach 100+ degrees.  This is a transitional time from winter to spring.  Sunny 30 degree days seem warm.  The puffy down coats are pushed to the back of the closet and thoughts of gardening flood my mind.

     I just purchased this Michael Kors leather jacket.  I tend to choose gold accents on clothes because this highlights my hair and coloring best.  I think women of all ages look great in a leather jacket plus it works with many items in the closet.

jacket--Michael Kors
blouse--Victor / Victor Alfaro
skirt--Cabi (thrifted)
shoes--Cole Haan

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Folk Inspired / Take Three

     Many years ago I saw this jacket at Bloomingdales and I paused to admire it.  I was at a thrift shop and there it was in my size for less than five dollars! 

jacket--Grace Elements (thrifted)
blouse--New York & Company (thrifted)
shoes--Nine West (thrifted)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Folk Inspired / Take Two

     Color does something to the must be primal.  As humans, from the beginning of time, we must have decorated our bodies with color.  I think blogging is like gathering around the campfire, each of us telling our own stories with our words and our clothes.  As women it's in our nature to share our treasures with each other.  

     This is the bracelet I'm wearing in the photos.  I thought it looked so lovely photographed as a sculptural object, almost like a little crown!

skirt--Lands End
bracelet--designer unknown
shoes--Nine West (thrifted)

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Folk Inspired / Take One

     My closet seems to be divided into two distinctive categories--"folk inspired" and "classic ladylike". Coats and jackets by Nanette Lepore and dresses by Theory hang next to thrifted blouses and seem to blend well together.
     I gave myself an assignment this week--create three folk inspired combinations for spring.  There's to many pictures for one day, so I'm dividing them into three separate posts.  Dean, my husband was at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas this week, so I was a "one woman show" taking these pictures.  I had fun making this group of photos and I hope you enjoy the looks.  Thanks to those who joined my site this week!

jacket--Nanette Lepore
pants--New York and Company

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Farmer's Daughter

     I truly grew up in the middle of the United States as a farmer's daughter.  Today I live in an urban area of more the three million people.  As a child I looked up at the airplanes, just tiny specs in the sky, and waved my hands to say hello as if the passengers could see me.  I remember thinking "I'm going to get on one of those someday."     

     The beginning of my creative interests started in this small place.  I learned to sew from one the neighbor women and my Mom kept a seemingly endless supply of art materials.  Each summer I would sew clothes made from complicated Vogue patterns in hopes of receiving a blue ribbon at the county fair.  This was a gracious life, filled with herds of animals and growing plants in the humid summers.

     This structure is the creative activities building at the Minnesota State Fair.  During two weeks in late August hundreds of thousands visit this building to see the quilts, clothes, pies and other handmade items.  (Yes, the ice in the photos will retreat by August!)  Even though I'm a long was from the early life, this spot reminds me of where I'm from--once and always a farmer's daughter.

shoes--Calvin Klein (thrifted)
purse--Adrienne Vittadini

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cobalt Blue Lace

     I've been watching this BCBG dress in the store for several months.  I like the bright cobalt blue and the vintage design, but I think lace can be hard to wear.  All the connections to thought go to "Maybe lace is best left for the undergarments?" Once it was reduced to 60% off, I decided to give the dress a spin.  I enjoy finding challenging items and trying to style them in a way that fits my personality and life.  

      Before going to art school, I studied commercial photography at a technical college.  After graduating, I decided that building the sets for the photographs was more interesting than taking the photos.  So art was the path taken.  My husband takes the photos and I style the clothes and find the locations.  I am inspired to create the photographic mood while building a visual story. 

     Thank you to those who joined my site.  As the weather gets warmer in my part of the world, I hope to share my ideas for fashion stories in the landscape of the beautiful upper midwest. 


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Friday, March 1, 2013

Bright Spot in the Park

     You can feel the possibility of spring in the air, longer days and more sunshine.   I adore coats, you might have noticed from my pervious posts.  I'm somewhere between petite and regular size so getting the proper fit can be a problem.  This orange coat fits great (sleeves are not to long and no belt) and I appreciate the detailed construction plus gold accents.

     Some collect jewelry or shoes, but my weakness is a fancy purse.  I'm such a fan of folk art, so this embroidered leather bag is one of my favorites.  This handbag makes an outfit feel particularly special and gold hardware matches my earrings.  What do you collect?

     Well, could have another early March blizzard here in the upper midwest.  Hopefully the snow will melt soon and early spring tulips will grace the landscape.

coat--Jessica Simpson
shoes--Ellen Tracey
blouse--Walter Baker
purse--Isabella Fiore

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