Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day

     Dean and I live in a modest home by a large urban park.  Most of our furniture we have had to alter to fit the small rooms.  In these photos, you can see our silver leafed cabinet where we store our computer supplies and printers.  We also silver leafed our dinning room table!  This finish is luxurious and helps the rooms seem bigger.

     Well, why am I doing a blog?  I think I have become painfully aware of the fleeting quality of life's minutes.  I know circumstances change and will change in ways I can not image today, so capturing today with a sense of beauty and tenderness is my goal.

     This Missoni dress was purchased on clearance many years ago before Target made Missoni a household name.  I love it because it reminds me of a spring forest.  I included the painting because it matches the feel of this dress and our home.  It's a portrait of us in a mysterious landscape trying to identify an unusual plant.  As artists we are always in search of the next inspiration to follow.

hand knit scarf--(thrifted)
boots--Folage (thrifted)
handbag--Marco Buggiani

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Old School at the Studio

     This outfit is made up of a mixture that reminds me of school.  Maybe it's the leather jacket and flowered dress, very art school during the 1980's.  Add some combat boots and spiked hair (and a younger me), then the look would be complete!

     Seems like there are two types of people when it comes to clogs.  Those that can keep clogs on their feet and those that can't.  I have always been a lover of clogs especially in red.  I purchased these beauties while visiting my sister-in-law, Paulette.  She lives in Austin, TX a truly incredible place for shopping at unbeatable prices.  The wind chill here in Minnesota is 15 below zero.  Maybe another trip is in the future.........

purse--Adrienne Vittadini
dress--Karl Lagerfeld for impulse
clogs--Anne Klein
leather jacket--Anne Klein

Monday Mingle at BonBon Rose Girls

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stripes and Flowers

     Naturally I'm not extroverted, some would say shy.  With my art, when I need to meet a large audience, a special dress is a push of courage.   I think taking the risk to be authentically yourself is an act of boldness.  Happy Valentine's Day!

dress--Christian Lacroix
boots--Folaga (thrifted)
bracelet--Lands End
scarf--designer unknown

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spots, Dots and Circles

     It's been cold here in Minnesota so I decided to take the next group of photos in my studio building. It is quite an unique property because it once housed the manufacturing of a large American seed company.  There are beautiful pictures in the lobby of women in printed cotton dresses during the 1940's using tweezers to fill garden flower packages.  Today this building houses many artist studios and various small creative businesses.  The building is "crusty" in a good way. 

     When I saw the dress I knew I had to have it.  I like the comfort of silk knit and I use circular patterns often in my artwork.  At openings the audience needs to see you as the artist, not as part of the crowd.

dress--BCBG (anniversary gift from Dean)
shoes--Calvin Klein (thrifted)
necklace--Vera Wang
bracelet--gift from Stacie

     I have done a series of pieced sticks with colored paper tips.  They make a complex surface and I enjoy the contrast with the highly painted figures.  These women are planting a tree with the hope of lasting growth, long past their own lives.  They are approaching a special event, one of which they have gathered their best selves and goodwill.  They are prepared to do the job at hand.